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Title: IMAZe Big Day Training in Flagstaff
Date: 7/26/2014
Time: 7:00:00 AM
Location: Upper Lake Mary, Flagstaff
Description: Our IMAZe group is trying a new type of 70.3 and 140.6 training event this year called Big Day Training. The idea behind the workout is to build endurance, and we are combining it with our desire to get in some high-altitude training in some cooler temps. The date was selected to be a couple of weeks prior to Mountain Man Olympic/Half so you can use it to become familiar with the area as well, though you may want to reduce the length of the workout if you are competing in this event. If you do the full event, it is going to take most of the day, since the idea is to use an easy pace and refuel between each section of the workout (T1, T2). Also, you could do any part of the workout or reduce the duration to suit your needs. Like all IMAZe community events, everyone in the club is welcome to participate.

Here is a link to an article explaining the idea behind the Big Day Training workout:


Here are the specifics. Keep in mind this is a new event for us, so we are still figuring out the best way to do thiscomments/ideas are welcomed! We will offer support as we can (does anyone know someone who would like to SAG?), but we are all out there doing our training as wellso bring enough stuff to cover most of your needs, rely on support to augment what you cant carry yourself.

Date: Saturday, July 26
Time: Goggles down at 7am
Place: Meet in Upper Lake Mary parking lot by the boat ramp (north side of the lake).

140.6 Training = 1 hr swim, 5 hr bike, 1 hr run, relaxed pace
70.3 Training = 40 min swim, 3 hr bike, 40 min run, relaxed pace
ORdo any part of this workout you like if you dont want to do the whole thing.
Just time it so you are doing it when the bulk of the group is doing it as well to be more a part of things.

Transitions are relaxedtake your time and refuel between each leg.
Pacing is whatever you want but suggest relaxed, sub-race-pace. This is a workout, not a raceno chip times, no podiums.

For the most part we should do the swim/bike/run the same as Mountain Man Half, except for the bike just keep looping clockwise around Mormon Lake (16 mile loop) until you get the mileage you want (5 loops is 96 miles to/from Upper Lake Mary)or you could go from Upper Lake Mary and around Mormon Lake and back at about 32 miles per loop.

Here is the link to the Mountain Man Half map:


Here is the bike map showing the looping around Mormon Lake:
(you might have to friend me to see it)


For the swim we will just go up and down the buoy line until we reach 1 hour (or less).

Schedule (140.6 trainingadjust accordingly for 70.3 training):
7am: Swim start
8am-ish: Swim finish, relaxed transition time (refuel)
8:30am-ish: Start bike leg (continuous)
1:30pm-ish: Finish bike leg, cool off with a dip in the lake, grab some nutrition (whatever will not keep you from running)
2pm-ish: Start run
3pm-ish: Finish, relax, cool down in the lake, have some post-training nutrition.

This is a support-yourself event for the most part. Having the bike be on a big loop means people should be around to help you if you need it. We will have a cooler of drinks and other refreshments in the parking lot by the swim start. We can also park one of our tents with a cooler under it at the start of the loop around Mormon Lake where Lake Mary Rd meets Mormon Lake Rd. Bring something a little more substantial to eat/drink than you usually would for T2try to have something floating around in your gut when you start the run to simulate what likely will happen on race day.

NOTE: This is NOT a closed course, so you will need to be aware of other traffic on the course. Please use all safety precautions including wearing a helmet on the bike. Wear something to make yourself very visible for all three legs of the training event. As with all First Wave training events, please participate only at your own risk.

We plan to have a sign-in sheet for anyone participating so we know who is out on the course and at what stage. Please be sure to sign-in and mark your progress at each stage of the training event. Also we recommend bringing your cell phoneyou can reach me (Bruce) at 602-284-1682, and you can use that number for any electronic breadcrumb apps you may be using (like safeid.com).

You MUST be able to secure your bike in your vehicle or in someone elses. We will not have anyone there to watch bikes since Im guessing everyone going will be participating.

The 7am start gives people a chance at least to drive up that morning if you leave early (it is about a 2.5 hr drive from Glendale), but I would recommend coming up the night before.

This time of year is susceptible to sudden thunderstorms, usually in the afternoon. If there is any audible thunder we will not get in the water. If you are on your bike and a storm comes up, slow to a stop and get off your bike and find cover. The storms usually pass quickly and then you can resume if the road conditions are safe.
Host: Bruce Moore
Host E-Mail: bruce.moore@iceskulz.com
Directions: See map links in text above to go to Upper Lake Mary. We will meet in the north parking lot near the boat ramp.
Map Link:


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