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Title: Trails for Trials Bike Ride
Date: 9/28/2013
Time: 6:30:00 AM
Location: West Valley
Description: There is a bike ride benefiting cancer research the last Saturday in September with several distance options, including a century ride for those of you training for IMAZ. Use the discount code below to reduce the cost by $30 if you would like to participate in this inaugural event. See below...

On Saturday, Sept. 28th, in conjunction with the Gateway for Cancer Research, The City of Goodyear will host the Inaugural Charity ride for the benefit of cancer research. Let me first say it's our kind of ride!
25, 50, or 100 mile options (course is a 25 mile lap)
USAC Sanctioned race with chip timing
Course and Intersections will be staffed by Police
Medical Help throughout the course
Some of the ride is the WVC Saturday course
Support stations at start/finish, every 25 miles
Food & Entertainment after the ride!

We have a tremendous responsibility here. If we want a 2nd Annual Charity ride in Goodyear, WVC needs to participate and demonstrate what we are made of. This event needs our support! The organizers have extended to WVC riders a reduction in the entrance fee from $50 to $20. Discount codes below. I encourage those that can donate additional funds to please contribute as you are able, or try to raise donations through the fund raiser option.

1. Log into following link: Team page Sign up- Click Here

2. Type "WVC" for team name and Select "Search for a Team"

3. Pick one of the three team's listed you might ride with and
select "Join"

4. Select your distance. (Most of us are signing up for the 100
mile, but choose between 25, 50, or 100)

5. Enter one of the following discount codes.
6. Complete the waiver and billing information.

Please sign up now! This ride will take the place of our normal Saturday group ride. More details will follow over the coming weeks. We can either park at the Cancer Treatment Center, or ride over from LT which is three blocks away. Lunch and live entertainment will follow the ride and I know how much you all like food and a good party!
I consider this one of the biggest statements we can make in our 10 year history as a group. Supporting an amazing cause (99% of the proceeds goes directly to cancer research), showing off our fine cycling roadways, and doing what we do best: building camaraderie within our cycling community. Email us directly with any questions or contact the race directors on the web site. We will continue to provide information as we get closer to this very special event.
Event Web Site: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001zqALiqN_VoX407Ar0SqeX9nUpbUpO2V-pEUR8szAKaZXGKuG0DbJS5y91jjn_Z1W6bcB_Oj0eodJL_L9pVpWdLZrX_IfQYzOUzZDBt98tP6O2weCCbWRNXP4kfpo9KgrZkwT8pnc_YK58b5KCXGn7hQBOmZzt8aH5X6jbv1LG9hqCtrWJzWQHA==&c=IziJ9xt84nvNvNKp2Vqb-wWpFYFWbmJpA3HEBAVWQEEUripn99f00Q==&ch=KXPUc8y73udTGe2BsHioSInUBa__CL2NWgAbY3kRjQIIQOiQuIEH1Q==
Host: Bruce Moore
Host E-Mail: bruce.moore@iceskulz.com
Directions: Please see web site for more info.
Map Link:


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